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Photo Meters


The PX2 Photometer was designed for dynamic sensitivity and ease of use. The PX2 accommodates a combination of measurement methods, light sources, detectors, and several digital and analog communication options to support numerous single or dual wavelength applications. An indicator LED alerts the user to changes in the unit’s operating status. The optional software package allows the user to calibrate for their particular samples.


The PX2+ Photometer is designed for use in continuous process monitoring applications in a variety of industries. The PX2+ is a highly sensitive, easy to use, and compact instrument capable of making absorbance or fluorescence measurements. The PX2+ features 3.2” capacitive touch LCD that allows users to calibrate and view data. Process monitoring equipment is a great investment as economic benefits arise from greater process control and less waste. The PX2+ is designed to alert users when properties of their process stream change and no longer fall within acceptable limits. The ability to monitor process conditions in real-time allows users to observe small changes before they become much bigger problems.

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