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Glotex Calibration Services for Humidity, Dewpoint & Moisture Sensors

Glotex as a local leader in India offers the best experience to supply and support for humidity, dewpoint & moisture measurements solutions for your processes.

Regular calibration of all process instruments is vitally important to ensure the confidence while measuring critical process parameters. In order to minimize uncertainty and have confidence in measurements made with the instrument, it is important to have the quality assurance of a regular, accredited calibration procedure.

Glotex is pleased to offer the availability traceable of multipoint re-calibration facility for humidity, dewpoint & moisture sensors sensors at Vadodara, Gujarat, India works.
This facility would offer:

  • Functional testing
  • Calibration
  • Instrument adjustment as needed
  • Replacement of a sensor guard filter as needed
  • Traceable Calibration certificate and service report

In addition, Glotex also offers other options like:

  • On-site Calibration
  • Sensor Exchange Program
  • Sensor Replacement

Glotex representative can assist further to accommodate your calibration service request.