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Differential Pressure

Differential pressure is measured and monitored where even minor differences in pressure can have a big effect. The fields of use therefore range from clean rooms, operating theaters and laboratories to applications in research, technology and the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) industry. Rotronic offers transmitters and clean room panels as well as numerous accessories for measurement of differential pressure.

The PF1 series is a low-cost, high-precision and stable transmitter for measurement of differential pressure. The devices have an MEMS diaphragm sensor and boast excellent long-term stability.

The new differential pressure transmitters PF4 and PF5 with two different sensor technologies (thermal measuring method in PF4 and diaphragm sensor in PF5) consistently produce perfect measurement results thanks to an integrated ambient pressure sensor.

The Clean Room Panel, which is fitted with a diaphragm sensor for differential-pressure measurement, is a top-quality device. Validated according to GMP directives, and with its well thought-out design, the CRP5 is optimized for applications in laboratories and clean rooms. Optical buttons, and the magnet-mounted, removable HC2-CRP humidity and temperature probe permit efficient and effective cleaning.

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